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The Crystal Clear Way

We specialize in bookkeeping for small construction-related businesses.  Rest easy knowing that someone is on top of your accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, and monthly reporting and get back to what you do best – your trade.

More Time For You

Do you give up your nights and weekends doing paperwork?

Give you more time for you

Do you spend time in your office before tax time that could be spent in the field making money?

Let us help.

Save You Money

Looking for an option that does not cost as much as a CPA or a full time employee?

More Money

Reduce your accounting expenses by eliminating unnecessary hours with your CPA and eliminate the expense of an additional employee.

Let us help.

Become Crystal Clear

We will analyze your earnings and expenses so you know where you stand financially.

Feel Empowered

Our clients feel empowered in the knowledge that they truly know where their business stands financially.

Let us help.

Your Trusted Advisor

Trust in our experience, training and knowledge to grow your business.

Someone You Can Trust

Need someone to trust and rely on?

Let us help.

Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.”    Christina Scalise


“Crystal is a self-starter and made herself an invaluable part of our team from the get-go.  Over the 7 years she was employed with Greystone Homes, Crystal transitioned from my office assistant to office manager, took on the additional role of project coordinator, and became an integral part of my business.”

Kelly J. Wall, Greystone Homes LLC

“Crystal was an essential part of our company during her employment at Penguin Pools.  She handled the accounts payable, receivable, office management, warehouse inventory, purchasing, permitting – and much more.  We have never been able to find an employee since who could juggle everything the way Crystal could.”

Glenn Bechdel, Penguin Pools

“She (Crystal) improved the accuracy of the books of my client through her work.  She was very accurate, organized and very detail oriented in her work.”  

Cari Shanks, CPA, Cari Shanks CPA LLC

“Crystal had many and varied responsibilities in her position.  Despite an immense workload, she was always pleasant and willing to go the extra mile to assist whenever or however needed.  Not only would she get the job done, but it was done correctly and on-time.  I highly recommend Crystal and Crystal Clear Bookkkeeping.  Her work ethic, attention to detail, and positive attitude would make her services invaluable to any business.”

Lorlean Stallings, President, Pinnacle Electric, Inc. - Saginaw, Michigan

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