Year End Projections

//Year End Projections

Year End Projections

As we approach the end of the third quarter of 2019, it is important now more than ever to start looking at your financials for the year.  By being organized and knowing where you stand now, you can make intelligent financial decisions for your business before the end of the year.  Maybe it is time to purchase a new piece of equipment, hire a new employee, or invest more in marketing.  Maybe it is time to make sure you have put away enough in savings to handle your tax liability for this year.  A variety of things can come up when you look at where you stand at this point of the year, and the best part is if you deal with it now, you still have time to make those changes before 2019 has come to end.  Contact your bookkeeper and / or tax professional today to review these projections. 

Below you will find an article by Xero accounting software that is a great year end checklist.  If you need help, contact Crystal Clear Bookkeeping and let us help make it Crystal clear.

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