Winter Weather Productivity

//Winter Weather Productivity

Winter Weather Productivity

Winter weather is coming to southern Colorado, and for many business owners that means we will have time inside and in the office.  Time to get caught up.

The end of the year is right around the corner and there is undoubtably lots to do.  That box of receipts is not getting any smaller or more organized on its own. Do you have all your subs W9s for 1099s?  Do you have their insurance certs for your audit?  Have your bank statements been reconciled?  Have you reviewed your projections for the end of the year? 

Are you just overwhelmed with it all?

If you need help, Crystal Clear Bookkeeping is the company to call.  Let us reduce your stress with systems to keep it all in order.  It is snowing outside, but your business can be Crystal clear.  Call us today! 989-860-6233

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